Beginner Guide For Empire Commanders

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Beginner Guide For Empire Commanders

Post#1 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:51 am

Since the message system within squads leaves a lot of room for improvement I decided to write a beginners guide for our new members outside the squad messaging system. So why not share it with everyone and write it here right?
This will be primarily for Empire players, but probably also useful for new Rebels.

1) Save crystals to buy droids! You can get crystals from crates and debries spawning periodically around your base. Of course you can also buy crystals to speed the process up.

2) research center. Later on this building becomes the biggest factor when deciding to upgrade your HQ. As new Empire player I would recommend researching in this order until HQ5: Stormtroopers, Heavy Stormtroopers, Elite ATAT, Royal Guard. As soon as you are able to build a planetary command things change a little and depend on which skins you will unlock for your armory.

3) Frags. The frags you need to unlock a skin or a unit can be earned from crates, conflicts and squad wars. Only in conflicts you can see which skin/unit you will get, the rest are random.
Here are the most useful skins/units as new Empire player, you should try to unlock those ASAP:
* Shock trooper: you only need one or two per battle, but they can disable traps and save you a lot of trouble.

* Astromedic: Allows you to play one of the strongest formations on medium HQ levels. Heavy stormtroopers and Astromedics.

* Naval officer for Royal Guard: One of the best hero skins. Can be used on all planets

*AT ACT for Elite ATAT: Imo the strongest Hero skin in the whole game. However doesn't work on all planets

*any stormtooper or Heavy stormtrooper skins. Once you reach HQ8 Jump troopers will take over, but that will take some time.

4) Squad Center (SC) is almost as important as your research center. Upgrade it whenever you can! You can still use it while upgrading. Request and donate units whenever you can, it helps everyone to finish daily objectives and earn reputation poitns.

5) Reputation points: They are used to upgrade Squad perks. Squad perks can give you useful bonuses such as reducing planet relocation costs. You can earn 1 reputation point each day for donating 10 units and you can earn more points for winning squad wars.Invest them by clicking on "Squad Perks" and then "Upgrade", choose a perk and invest those points!

6) Squad Wars: You can earn many frags for skins and units by winning squad wars. The leader or an officer can start a war by selecting 15 members and start matchmaking. As soon as the matchmaker has found an enemy squad that somewhat fits the preparation phase starts.
Preparation phase: If you were chosen for squad war you will see a big button on the left bottom called "preparation". Click on it. Now you can see "Request" on the bottom right screen. This is how you request defense troops for your SC in a squad war. These units will ONLY be used in squad war.You can still use your squad center for normal attacks, it doesn't affect the units you got for squad war defense!!!
On the bottem left you can see another button called "Edit outpost". The most important thing to note here is that whenever you upgrade your HQ you have to place the new buildings here. Otherwise they will not be used for your defense in a squad war!!!
Also important: In each war 3 random planets will appear in the war screen. They represent the outpost factories. You can capture them and unlock bonuses for your whole team! Each time an outpost factory is captured, it will increase by one level. Making it more and more difficult to capture it.

7) Base layout in squad wars: Just some very basic tips here. Try to place your SC under 2 or 3 shield generators. Surround it with buildings so the enemy has to destroy buildings in order to trigger the SC. This way the SC can't be deleted by an air strike and can't be baited by a single unit.

8) If you are an active player I recommend to almost completely ignore upgrading resource generating buildings. You can get all the resources you need by attacking other players. Upgrading resource generating buildings only costs time and it also increases your base rating which will result in more difficult matchmaking.

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Re: Beginner Guide For Empire Commanders

Post#2 » Tue Aug 06, 2019 4:43 pm

KamReopS wrote:i followed all the steps but every time i click play it nevers loads to minecraft it just take me back to the screen i was just on to click play. anybody know why that happens?

Probably a good question for a minecraft group
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Re: Beginner Guide For Empire Commanders

Post#3 » Sat Jan 11, 2020 3:53 am

I read this Post and knew the new things. this is very interesting seriously. I want to know more about this topic from this website. I would like to share it with all my friends and hope they will like it too Thanks For Sharing This Guid.

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