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Base Categorization

Post#1 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 8:48 am

Base Categorization:

I. Enclosed: Any base with a wall that wraps completely around and area.

    A. Resource Protector: HQ positioned separately, focus on resources
    • Interest: Easy medals; Difficult resources
    • Weakness: Any troop; HQ positioning
    • Strength: HQ distraction; Insufficient time after

    B. HQ Protector: Resources positioned separately, often outside walls; focus on medals

    • Interest: Moderate medals; easy resources
    • Weakness: Scattered infantry; Minimal turret range
    • Strength: Without turret centered starship strikes, a perfect win is near impossible

II. Open Plan: Any base in which walls are used only to slow attackers down; few/no continuous walls
II. Distributed: Base Scattered across map

    A. Distributed (decentralized): Base spread apparently at random across map
    • Interest: Varies (Often shield-dependent)
    • Weakness: Scattered infantry/vehicle groups
    • Strength: Scatters troops; Makes easy pickings for turrets

    B. Distributed (centralized): Base spread across map, but around a central point

    • Interest: Varies (Often turret-dependent)
    • Weakness: Not enough turret coverage; Spawn gaps; Specialized troops
    • Strength: Slow to destroy; Spawn traps; Only corner/edge spawn possible

    C. Distributed (multiple centers): Base spread into multiple separate parts (Often according to corners or shields)

    • Interest: Easy resources; Easy medals (Generally)
    • Weakness: Focused attack with vehicles and infantry; little/no turret crossfire
    • Strength: Proton mortars against clustered infantry; Sectional independence; Time-favored

III. Semi-Enclosed: Any base which uses continuous walls on only a certain area, and defends parts by other means

    A. Corner trap: Base built in the corner of the map; Turrets, walls, and shields often in corner; open on opposite side
    • Interest: Moderate medals; Moderate Resources
    • Weakness: Non-corner attacks; Scattered infantry; Vehicle support; Turret-centered starship strikes
    • Strength: HQ often placed in corner; Almost all corner attacks fail; Extreme turret crossfire in corner

    B. Spawn Trap: Base with spawning area in critical location; Can be strategic or accidental
    • Interest: High medals; High resources if you attack properly
    • Weakness: Little outer turret coverage; Often easy to attain HQ and resources; Scattered and focused infantry
    • Strength: High turret crossfire in certain areas; Traps

    C. Shielded: Base with concentrated walls in some areas; Shields cover the missing portions
    • Interest: Low medals; Low resources
    • Weakness: Shield targeting vehicles; Focused infantry; Wall-based starship strikes
    • Strength: Good attack distribution; Turret crossfire

Please Note:
*The best bases are often hybrids of these
*Heroes are considered vehicles for the purposes of this categorization
*Please feel free to add or suggest any corrections
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Re: Base Categorization

Post#2 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 9:43 am

You need to separate these a little more so it is easier to see what is going on here. But decent job.
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Re: Base Categorization

Post#3 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 11:27 am

NAMEREDACTED - I deleted two other "duplicate Threads / Topics".

Use of the LIST TAGS and maybe some color will help your Main Thread Post be more readable.

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Re: Base Categorization

Post#4 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 2:40 pm

Unreadable, please ask Death Striker for advice jow to format it ;)
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Re: Base Categorization

Post#5 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:27 pm

There are only two important categories for bases.

Cupcakes. Easy bait or snipe SCs. Too many of a single turret type.

Fun Bases. Challenging SCs. Varied defences.

Of course Infiltrators, trooper/flame spam or Rage Rancors can turn a fun base into Cupcake, and clever choice of SC units and trap placement can turn a Cupcake into something fun.
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