Bourbon Drinkers Unite!

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Bourbon Drinkers Unite!

Post#1 » Thu Jan 09, 2020 6:35 pm

If anyone (non-serious) players are looking for a place to park it until they are ready to move to a more serious squad, by all means come over to "BadMoonRising". Only 2 of us and we don't play as much as we use to. But when the mood strikes the Makers Mark is poured over ice and the Jedi killing starts. Troop donations will suck unless we are actually on. If "I'm" on I can give you troops that will stomp the guts out of any Jedi. Just shooting it straight. I started SomethingWicked, BadMoonRising and EmpireDogs. So not looking for a squad war team and no I don't want to join your team. "ALL" players will be promoted to officer upon joining. If you want to be a part of a squad that really doesn't have any rules or actually gives a s--t at this point then look us up. It's all about the bourbon and getting donations when we get to it. Drinks are on the house!


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