Congratulations LusherForce on 893,097 conflict medals!

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Congratulations LusherForce on 893,097 conflict medals!

Post#1 » Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:21 pm

Congratulations to my LusherForce friends on a remarkable 893,097 conflict medals from this past week. It was great to see the squad’s name on the leaderboards. Is your current squad overachieving like this? If not, perhaps you should consider switching to LusherForce where the you will get the encouragement and support you need to win conflicts, dominate in wars, and rule the galaxy!

Here is a bit about LusherForce:
We are steadily rising as a formidable Empire squad with a unique approach that is working. We are one of the most coordinated squads in the galaxy. We have an excellent record of war wins, 80,000 troops donated, and very loyal players. We are seeking a select few players who are tired of their inactive and disjointed squad.

Over the past two years LusherForce has recruited strong players who show up day after day, war after war. We welcome new players, coach them on gameplay, and we show up for the entire war. We treat each other with respect and offer support, not criticism. Since player retention is high, our membership has grown to now include a sister squad: LusherForce2.

LusherForce has dedicated and strong leadership. Officers are involved in all details of squad and help plot a steady course. No rash decisions instead, calm decisive leadership.

We are busy people with other responsibilities, we want the time we spend in SWC to be most productive. Also, our players come from all time zones of the US and parts of Europe and Asia. For these reasons, we are extremely coordinated. We use Discord app for war strategy and communication (and general fun discussions as well). We also use special tools and processes to ensure that every player on the squad knows when war will take place and they consistently show up because of this. We specialize in tight coordinated attack waves during wars that are something to behold.

You may also look us up on Discord at: MegaMaul#7075 or DarthImperius#9333. I’m sure you will be happy you did!

Important Notes: 1) We let all players in to see if the fit is right for you. However, if you try to join on a Friday or Saturday, your request could be rejected (we are careful of war spies). If your request gets rejected, it is only because of this or tech issues – please try again the next day. 2) Use of Discord is a MUST. This tool helps us coordinate as well as we do. If you don’t currently use Discord, it is very user friendly and you will enjoy the additional features it provides that help you feel connected with the squad.

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