RANKED #150 TheCloneWarriors Need daily players

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RANKED #150 TheCloneWarriors Need daily players

Post#1 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:15 pm

Hello everyone. I am an officer in TheCloneWarriors and we have a few slots available for SOLID level 10 players, meaning base, shields, turrets. ENGLISH SPEAKING ONLY PLEASE. PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF WHEN JOINING. We need people who play most everyday, donate more than receive and do not bring drama to our squad. Most everyone in our squad has been here over 1 year. We are like a family, we do not get crucial about much except donating often and regularly. We DO NOT use line and do not need it in war. We have only lost 6 in the last 20 wars we have been in. We war every Sunday and expect you too also. If you can not war all we require is a day or so notice. If you are looking for a friendly, fun squad to join, look us up.

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