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Post#1 » Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:42 am

Jedi-revenge is part of a five squad family (It is the fifth). We have an extensive family and family wars. The lead squads Jedi-masters and Jedi-alliance have members with min Hq 9-10. This is a new squad and we are looking for members. Use of line app is a must.

Any HQ and no medal requirements.currently 5 active members. 3 HQ 10, 1 HQ 8 and a HQ 5. all members have 3k + medals making current rank of 1480. and level 18.

Faction is rebels
Been playing since day 1, was there to see all the blunders this game made, had over 8 accounts (rebel/imp), still no idea why I'm playing.

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