Crush the Rebellion with SithRenewal Squad! Level 38 squad!

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Crush the Rebellion with SithRenewal Squad! Level 38 squad!

Post#1 » Sun Apr 08, 2018 7:00 pm

SithRenewal is looking for new additions! We’re an active, established squad of mostly level 9 and 10 players. We’ve pruned some inactive players from our roster and have a few openings to fill, and we’re looking for active players and active donors to help us climb the leaderboard and have enough active players for Squad War!

We give generously, and will expect you to donate too. We have members all over the world, so the odds are good that there will be another squad member online when you need them. We offer tips, strategies, community and camaraderie all while facilitating the rapid and efficient destruction of rebel bases. Those who don’t donate are cast into the Pit of Carkoon, the resting place of the… well, you know the rest.

We’re not a feeder squad. You join SithRenewal, you stay with SithRenewal! We ask new members be level 7 or higher, with a medal count of at least 1500. We are an English-speaking squad, so please adjust your language setting appropriately; members need to be able to see each others’ posts.

Join up with a squad that you can trust! What are you waiting for?
IronFist, Squad Leader of SithRenewal. Level 10, 92k medals.

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