New Squad seeks members

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New Squad seeks members

Post#1 » Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:43 am

We are 7 warriers who seeks members to our squad Tellus.
We have started this squad to get a good Active squad so we can be a strong squad. Today we are all HQ 8 to 10.
We have Little rules, and what we demand is:
We communicate in English, so all members must read and write this.
If a member is inactive for a week he will be removed, an officer will be demoted,
If a member don´t invest reputation for a week, he will be removed, an officer demoted.
Our goal is to be a squad who can war, so atleast 8 new members is a goal.

So if you want to partisipate in building a new squad, and you can accept our rules you are welcome to come tu us search for Tellus.

May the force be with us.


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Re: New Squad seeks members

Post#2 » Mon Apr 02, 2018 7:00 am

Hey Ruda!

Do you have Line App? Please contact me there, my I'd is:- zeryabprime

I like your idea of creating a squad. But since there are so many squads in the game, player doesn't even come to know about us.

Being a highly experienced player, I advise and hope that you will merge with our squad. We currently have 6 members and if your squad merges with us, that number could go up to 13.

Then we can easily gather up members for our war teams.

I recommend you to join TheAlphaSquadron.

That's how all strong squads were made. They merged with each other to create one powerful squad.

I hope you will accept this offer.

Hopes and Well-Wishes,
Admiral Piett
38K+ Medals
Leader of TheAlphaSquadron
Want to go to wars?
Want to have donations filled quickly?

Then join us and help us end this conflict with the Rebellion

To apply, contact me on Line, zeryabprime
Contact me on Discord, #9666

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