New Squad seeks members

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New Squad seeks members

Post#1 » Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:43 am

We are 7 warriers who seeks members to our squad Tellus.
We have started this squad to get a good Active squad so we can be a strong squad. Today we are all HQ 8 to 10.
We have Little rules, and what we demand is:
We communicate in English, so all members must read and write this.
If a member is inactive for a week he will be removed, an officer will be demoted,
If a member don´t invest reputation for a week, he will be removed, an officer demoted.
Our goal is to be a squad who can war, so atleast 8 new members is a goal.

So if you want to partisipate in building a new squad, and you can accept our rules you are welcome to come tu us search for Tellus.

May the force be with us.


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Re: New Squad seeks members

Post#2 » Mon Apr 02, 2018 7:00 am

Hey Ruda!

Do you have Line App? Please contact me there, my I'd is:- zeryabprime

I like your idea of creating a squad. But since there are so many squads in the game, player doesn't even come to know about us.

Being a highly experienced player, I advise and hope that you will merge with our squad. We currently have 6 members and if your squad merges with us, that number could go up to 13.

Then we can easily gather up members for our war teams.

I recommend you to join TheAlphaSquadron.

That's how all strong squads were made. They merged with each other to create one powerful squad.

I hope you will accept this offer.

Hopes and Well-Wishes,
Admiral Piett

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