What I like the most about SWC...

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What I like the most about SWC...

Post#1 » Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:43 am

What I like the most about SWC is when people from all over the world, with no other connection to each other, show up and work together as a team. When I see our squad members from many walks of life show up for war or conflicts to support each other, I’m reminded of why I play this game. I must confess, I’ve thought about quitting the game a number of times due to the technical issues we consistently encounter; then, we hold a squad war and our players from Europe, Asia, the US come together as a team, it reminds me of why I play this game. Our players have families and other commitments, yet they make time to show up when it counts. It’s this commitment that keeps me playing SWC, what about you? Give this post a bump if that’s how you feel.

If you are an Empire player who values being part of a team and knowing that your mates have your back, but you’re not getting that from your current squad, give LusherForce a try. We are seeking a few players who want to experience that feeling as part of your SWC experience.



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