Friendly squad looking for more people. Level 47 Squad

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Friendly squad looking for more people. Level 47 Squad

Post#1 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:48 am

Dark_Haven, a lvl 47 EMPIRE squad is looking for a few active daily players. We have simple requirements:

1). English speaking please. Communication is important.
2). LINE app is a must to be invited to squad wars. We have a sign up sheet in the chat. Plus we try to coordinate attacks on the app. Https://
(see rule 1).
3). Only donate what is requested (see rule 1).
4). Level 6+ bases please. We are looking for players who want to war and have fun doing it.
5). Have fun. This is a game.

We would also do a squad merger. We have room for up to 10 people. So bring along your friends. The more active players the better chance at winning squad wars.

Our squad has friendly folks from all over the world. We try to help improve each other as players.

If our squads sounds like a group you want to be a part of, please contact me in the LINE app chat, username Pigpen624, message me here, also you can do a squad search (DARK_HAVEN) in game and request an invite.
The squad mates are looking forward to meeting you. Thanks

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