-VADER'S-FIST- We have room for you!

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-VADER'S-FIST- We have room for you!

Post#1 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:18 pm

-VADER'S-FIST- We have room for 10 active players after cleaning out the inactives. We are a level 50 squad and looking for new blood who will be active. That is the only requirement login daily to donate and participate when you are in a Squad war! We have experienced players who can help you when needed and everyone is friendly and helpful. We have squad wars 2x a week at set times so you always know when they start. We are request only so look us up and give us a try,

-VADER'S-FIST- when searching for us use all the hyphens and no spaces, see you soon!

We will consider a group of players or a Squad merger, message me or leave a post I'll check daily

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