Join AUS-Darth_Gump (W95 D1 L6) and win wars

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Join AUS-Darth_Gump (W95 D1 L6) and win wars

Post#1 » Mon Oct 23, 2017 4:41 pm

Hi All.

I am the leader of AUS-Darth_Gump squad (Empire). Our squad level is 48. I could do with a couple more active level 8-10 players. We have a really good war record W95 D1 L6. Most of our squad is in Australian time zone so this is preferable but we also have a couple UK and US time zone players too.
A couple of our regular players have been offline a fair bit recently so I need a couple more to top us up and make sure everyone attacks in the wars to keep our good record going. I keep getting lower level players join whibut aren't very active.
We normally kick off wars to start Australian evening time (7-8pm) on Sundays and again mid-week Wednesday or Thursday.

If you are keen please look us up in game. If the squad is full please private message me in this forum with an intro and i will then kick one of our lower inactive players out in order to add you.

Main account: Bacon (level 11)
Second account: nEggs (level 9)
Squad - NewSithEmpire
LINE ID: sgu97cab


Re: Join AUS-Darth_Gump (W95 D1 L6) and win wars

Post#2 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:07 am

Hi I would like to join your squad. I am Australian, in the right time zone and an active player. I am HQ level 8, and actively participate in all squad wars. My last squad was USA based and the time zone was an issue for Wars. If you have an opening let me know. Thanks.

Username: Lunty

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