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Join Vader's_Herald! (Android/iOs)

Post#1 » Mon Jan 19, 2015 1:43 pm

Vader's_Herald is looking for active players who are looking to enrich their game experience. We strive to keep everyone's squad center full and ready to defend against the Rebellion. Since our inception in mid-November over 3000 troops have been donated! As of this post we have 13 members with a combined Battle Score of nearly 30,000. We require a minimum of 500 medals to enter and expect members to donate and request troops when they can. We aren't looking to be competitive; nor do we require external chat programs, etc... We just want to help others level, win battles and advance through the game.

Join Vader's_Herald today!
We are Legion. We are Vader's pulse. We are the Empire. Join Vader's Herald and the glory of the Emperor will be yours!

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