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Re: Good Defense Troops For Empire HQ 9

Post#11 » Wed Mar 11, 2020 6:15 pm

CoolGuy wrote:
syncpan77 wrote:
CoolGuy wrote:
Any more really old and irrelevant posts you can drag up? How about a post on Windows shutting down?

The current and most relevant issue is whether or not the game is finishing, and that's what people want to see at the top of the forum.

Forgive me, I did not know people want to keep seeing the endless, same canned response everyone's been getting for days now. :lol: Or did you just see Darkdonations in my signature and decide you'd take out your frustrations from that embarrassing loss vs. us a while back?

A loss to your squad two months ago is about as relevant as the topics you have been dredging up. 99% of the serious players want to know if the game is closing or not, and they currently don't care about "Good Defencse Troops For Empire HQ9".

Who's "we"? I don't see anyone else complaining but you. Why so bitter? When something changes in the game the Data Miners will know it way before it gets posted in this forum anyhow, so what's your urgency to keep the forum dead? Death Striker will come here and let you know the latest news so stop crying.
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