Best GR/Armory Combo for Empire HQ 9?

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Best GR/Armory Combo for Empire HQ 9?

Post#1 » Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:01 pm

Right now I'm running HS and RM for Burst turrets (I have a few sonic turrets as well), along with Rodian Sniper GR + Dewbacks. The dewbacks just die within the first few seconds, should i swap them with something else?

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Re: Best GR/Armory Combo for Empire HQ 9?

Post#2 » Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:33 pm

I run (I'm an 11, so your mileage isn't going to cover this, but here's my loadout):

  • both burst turret upgrades
  • barracks snipers
  • sniper rhodians
  • barracks stormies
  • HQ
  • walls
= 67 of 69 capacity

But I have a very spread out base, using wall segments to try to stratify the incoming into things that ignore/fly over walls and things that don't'.

The things that fly over get to the turrets w/o their support.
then the things that don't get there later.

SMTTs are able to get through, but they're fucking overpowered and can get through most anything. Other than those, I typically get defense wins - I have over 4,000 defense wins currently.

I'm not preserving resources, you probably still are, so your layout isn't going to be like mine.

14 bursts, 4 sonics at the present.

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Re: Best GR/Armory Combo for Empire HQ 9?

Post#3 » Mon Feb 10, 2020 8:56 am

At HQ 9, you can use 4 Elite Units + 1 Basic Equipment or 3 Elite units + 2 advanced equipments in your Armory Level 5.

Sonics are not really effective at level 9 as they are at level 10, I would change Sonics for Rockets with Heat Sink. I would keep the Bursts with Heat Sink, and I would have space for 3 Elite Units, and as you have Rodians:

2 guard reserve and 1 skin = GR MHC + GR Sniper + Rodians for GR Sniper and 5 Snipers in SC + Burst Heat Sink and Rocket Heat Sink for any planet.

An option for Hoth would be to use only 4 Elite Units and 1 Basic equipment (walls or HQ Bracing):

2 GR and 2 skins: GR MHC + Cold Weather MHC and GR Sniper + Rodian skin for GR Sniper and 5 Snipers in SC + Walls or HQ Bracing.

On Hoth, you can also choose GR MHC + Cold MHC + 3 Cold MHCs in SC (36 UC) and GR Sniper, and Rocket Heat Sink + Burst Heat Sink. If you can put everything inside the shields and lock the MHCs in the middle of the buildings, it will work better.

As I don't go for Hoth in years, I don't know if this combo is still effective in this Trains and Trucks Era, but I believe these are the best combos within the Level 5 Armory 58 UC.
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Re: Best GR/Armory Combo for Empire HQ 9?

Post#4 » Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:53 am


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