Armory - What Is Effective For Level 10 Empire Commander?

Tips and Strategies for Defending Rivals.
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Re: Armory - What Is Effective For Level 10 Empire Commander?

Post#11 » Fri Feb 07, 2020 2:49 pm

DarkRebel wrote:
Boog wrote:The best defense is a low medal count. If you run rodian gr + 3 other gr's of your choice and have fewer than 10k medals, you will win pretty much all your defenses. It's not that complicated. I'm not sure what the current Tat standings look like, but during the strix beacon conflicts, the top 10 was dominated by medal-dumping imps with 100+ D wins. It was a bit crazy, imo. If you have over 100K medals, your win rate will drop. Maybe you'll win half your defenses, but probably a lot less

This is the exact reason why MM that weighs heavily on medal could should be changed.
People are exploiting this to gain benefits in PVP, and in conflicts.

I started to notice this when I started seeing Prestige players with hundreds of defensive victories in deserts during conflicts, while my Imperial Prestige barely managed 40 to 50 defensive wins.

I was sure of that in the recent Rancor conflict when I camped my Imperial HQ 11 on Tatooine and then on ErKit and was rarely attacked, and when I went, I usually lost to the first attacker even if it were 1 star and sometimes 2 stars, because I was attacked only by top players, using full loadout and high level of Jets, SMTTs and AA5 and 7 to 8 landseers. There is no way to defend something like that. I gave up and went back to Yavin.

What Boog said confirms what I said above that medal dumping helps both in attack and in defense during conflicts, as it includes you in the matchmaking of weaker defenders but also puts you in the sights of inexperienced attackers or without high-level units/equipments.

If I want to have a better position in conflicts just playing defense, I would have to drop at least 50k medals... No way! I barely have time to open the Crates for my 7 bases, even less to lose attacks to drop medals. But if anyone else has time, patience and just one or two bases to play with, is what he should do.
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Re: Armory - What Is Effective For Level 10 Empire Commander?

Post#12 » Fri Feb 07, 2020 3:10 pm

yeah, I have almost 55k medals, no way I'm investing the time to dump to under 1k.

and to those who say it takes almost no time, it takes material time to queue up and start and abort an attack. Even with a deka where you don't need to rebuild anything between attacks, it still takes time.
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