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For attacks first take out any exposed Burst Turrets as they take down JumpTroops quickly then land a Drop Ship as close to the Squad Center as you can. If you can position it to activate the Droid Oppressor, Sentinel, and Sonic Cannons even better. Once the Drop Ship drops its pay load of Stormtroopers the Squad Center will deploy along with the Droids and any close by Sonic Cannons thus starting their recharge cycle. As soon as the Rebel defenses are done taking care of the 5 Stormtroopers in their base deploy Vader as far away and as close to the edge of the screen as you can. All the activated troops will go after him and leave the protection of the base. As soon as they are on top of him activate his lightsaber sweep then deploy all of your Jumptroopers in an even spread line. This will avoid them getting taken out by one sonic cannon and will wipe out all if the troops that were in the Squad Center along with the Droid Sentinal and Oppressor as they are unprotected AND only shooting at Vader who is unstoppable. If there are any ground troops close bye use 1 decimator to take them out. Once your Jumptroops are done with the Rebels in the SC they will turn their attention to the base. IF the base has sonic guns deploy a Kubas Invader and your sentinal to activate them and sacrifice him to get your Jumptroops in the door. You may get lucky and he might take out one or two shield generators. As soon as the shields are down take out any burst turrets as they quickly take out Jumptroops then move on to sonic cannons. Be sure to keep on eye on Vader too. He will go after turrets and as soon as he is recharged activate is Lightsaber Sweep. All the turrets will be focusing on him while your Jumptroops are taking them out. For back up I like more Jump Troops and 2 or 3 Rodian Snipers. They bring in TIE bombers which are a huge help. I have nothing on defense yet. Still trying to unravel that one. the Hope this helps!

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