Not Getting Attacked by Rebels

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Re: Not Getting Attacked by Rebels

Post#21 » Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:13 pm

Disney support emailed me back and said they are taking feedback on the gr updates. Maybe it is worth the tine for rebels to send in an email.

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Re: Not Getting Attacked by Rebels

Post#22 » Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:18 am

I don't bother attacking any more with guard reserves. The idea of attacking someone is to gain coins, alloy, contraband, models or to achieve daily tasks. But when your wiped out almost straight away its not worth it
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Re: Not Getting Attacked by Rebels

Post#23 » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:48 am

Rogue12 wrote:Disney support emailed me back and said they are taking feedback on the gr updates. Maybe it is worth the tine for rebels to send in an email.

To the support page!

I actually sent something already, but this is a rallying cry for dramatic purposes.

edit figure that I'd share:
Dear sir/madam,
I write you to report on a number of perceived problems that are going to compound with one another and severely threaten the game balance.

In a recent event the Guard Reserve has been introduced, this is a great idea. Unfortunately, while the actual implementation is logical, it's rife with imbalances.

In all of my attacks I've found that attacking a base with snipers equipment turned on is an immediate loss.
Reasons being the impressive range allowing the snipers to shoot from underneath the shields and the high damage they do to all unit types. If an enemy commander has been silly enough to leave them outside of the shields the medical droids that spawn alongside them allow a single sniper to tank several troopers and win. If the Snipers die, but the Medical droids survive they will seek out either the next wave of snipers making them even harder to kill or any of the other active units.
Suggestions to fix this is to at least remove the medical droids, but also to further depower the snipers.
An additional suggestion is to change the rebel Vanguard equipment into identical Sniper equipment. Imperial attacks these days look more or less as followed: 50-60 troopers, Elite ATAT, 2-3 MHC and some heavy troopers.
Unless the imperial has Desert Jump troops in which case it becomes an Elite ATAT/lord Vader (with equipment to spawn more units) and 13 or more desert jump troopers for an easy 100% win.
The vanguard equipment is nearly useless. At this point Rebels would be much better served with snipers and medical droids as well.

In addition, while I understand why you selected the MHC for guard equipment, you appear to have overlooked the current equipment buff on Hoth. Meaning that they get a 100%+ bonus to damage and stamina making any attack on them futile as well. They effectively spawn units that are beyond even level 10 in damage and stamina. Compound with snipers and medics and Hoth is the worst planet to be on by far. Honestly, the game would be better served if the crazy high buffs on Hailfires/MHC and Dewbacks/Banthas were made more in line with the other troops.

The appareance of the new Jump Troopers will only worsen the rebel standing as the sniper equipment is still super effective on Jump troopers even if Rebel Jump Troopers are slightly stronger. But rebels have nothing extra to combat the Imperial Jump Troopers.
For me, recent changes have made Tatooine the only planet I like being on and my activity and the activity of the squad I'm in are down sharply as attacking currently is no fun at all. As any attack basically boils down to if sniper then loss.
In addition, defense is only fun on Desert planets, provided the enemy commander doesn't have jump troopers. On Hoth all attacks are overpowered thanks to the Hail and MHC buffs. Yet, rebels still occasionally lose thanks to the MHC equipment and sniper equipment on defense. The splash damage on the buffed MHC is so great that it one shots the Anti Vehicle skiff equipment if it's anywhere near a turret. On the Green planets the Imperials have the mighty ATACT, which seems unfazed by Vanguard and Anti Vehicle Skiff equipment. I do have the rare defensive wins on Green planets, but they're usually because the enemy commander made a mistake, not because I did something well. If the ATACT destroys the shields it will one shot all buildings, except HQ, which it destroys in 2, within it's mighty range.

As I write this, it suddenly dawns me that the Imperials have an anti infantry unit in the snipers and an anti vehicle unit in the MHC. But the Rebels only get anti vehicle units.

I feel that it is in the games best interest if the Guard Equipment issues were addressed sooner rather than later. The other things I mentioned would be appreciated if they were addressed, but they aren't nearly as pressing as the Guard equipment. Especially in light of the new Jump Troopers as I expect a Frost Jump Trooper event after the current Forest Jump Trooper event.

Kind regards
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Re: Not Getting Attacked by Rebels

Post#24 » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:47 pm

That is mainly the problem of the game do you want to have fun and play (that mean having victories) or only having defense win and doing something else while your opponents attacks you..... As a rebels the guard reserve is completely unbalanced (at least the devs remove the medic) but still a nonsence.
If you check the top 50 players in each conflict some have really high score of defense and almost no attack....what the point ??? In comparison rebels have vanguard in guard reserve compar to snipers rhodian. In our several squads we lost a lot of players since the guard reserve appears, what the point to play when you loose regularly....Or some active players became only casual....


Re: Not Getting Attacked by Rebels

Post#25 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 1:09 am

Throwing my two cents in... as a HQ10 rebel who has only four gold upgrades (not including upgrade center) and a dozen or so alloy upgrades (plus deka/deko and equipment), I'm a decently strong player.

In my experience, glowing barracks or factories, 98% of the time is a loss for me (so, I Next a lot now...). Also, no glowing barracks or factories is a 95% 3* win for me. The GR are insanely imbalanced. Our vanguard to your Rhoadian (which also comes with additional air support) is not even close to fair.

If the devs are trying to get people to stop playing, they're doing a good job of getting people out of the game.

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