New Johhar Kessen Power

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Re: New Johhar Kessen Power

Post#21 » Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:25 pm

Kessen is tough but can be beat. Line up your sc with ur dekas. Rebs will drop Kessen in line, where u have a bunch of traps waiting. Ive been beat by Kessen many times, and beaten him many times. And for the vaunted heavy/medic combo, as soon as you have clusters of X sonics, its over. Put in the time to reach the top. Its worth it. Have fun. Enjoy the journey. Dominate!
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Re: New Johhar Kessen Power

Post#22 » Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:32 pm

If kessen can be healed by red cams why can't Vader be healed then by repair droids? I mean, he IS mostly cybernetics so wouldn't it make more sense?

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Re: New Johhar Kessen Power

Post#23 » Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:33 am

as a reb player am not using kessen or sniper lugga combo and playing this game since 2014 when lvl 6 was top lvl and sniper lugga combo is a legit as any other combo but this kessen death star pocket shot is imho not needed at all in this game ,Kessen who the f... is Kessen anway would rather like to see Boba Fett as imperial hero some jetpack maniac and whatever can be given to Rebs as new hero but Kessen..

i despise the option where you have no counter against it but some imaginary design which then leaves you open for jetpack attack or HMC usual combo

not to say it diminishes the skill of any player in long time, this game wasnt built so you are forced to you only 1 troop from barracks and 1 from factory it is the diversity of combos available that makes the game rich

but i understaned those who use sniper combos specialy if you play over phone dump all on 1 spot line up with deka or any building in line with enemy SC and kaboom! much easier then scrolling through multiple units left and right twirl luke deploy medic it's horror how much you have to scroll left and right then pick a specific plane you need those troops icons in bottom of screen neeed better solution specialy if you play over phone or smaller tablet

there are many reasons why players use sniper combo i just mentioned one do it's not just dump and make popcorns ofc idt traps ,dekas vanguards also come into play and sucidal snipers are weak spot on that particulat tactics

seriuosly doubt that devs will do anythinf about Kessen since many invested gems for er kit conflict and time to get him to lvl 10 but some counter other then miracolous base design is needed so you have a fair chance of defending aganst him

top imperials with monster dekas also use kessen on rebs so ......
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Re: New Johhar Kessen Power

Post#24 » Thu Dec 15, 2016 9:39 pm

Kessen taking out an SC under 4 shields is absurd. There are other ways to take out an SC before it unloads troops that require some level of skill and/or timing to pull off. For example, using the A-wing starfighters to take out 2 shields, then having a Juggernaut take out the other 2, then 2 X-wings on the SC itself. Or activating the SC troops & droids using a bantha or speeder bike and then luring the defenders out to the opposite side of the map where they may be dealt with harshly. These are fine, but a one shot from across the map that knocks out the SC and pulls the droids out of the base at the same time? Immensely lame. Change base layout? Sure, then Luke or Chewie grinds everything down. Put traps out on a line from where the Kessen shots take place? Guess what every smart rebel player does before they drop Kessen. Yep, they put 1 or 2 anti-trap bazooka troops out there slightly off those lines and deploy him 5 seconds later.

There is literally no valid defense for Kessen
. That does not exist for any other unit in the game. If the devs are worried about the crystals that have been invested in his upgrades, they should worry more about the players that leave because they can't hold on to their resources long enough to upgrade anything.

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Re: New Johhar Kessen Power

Post#25 » Tue Dec 20, 2016 1:04 pm

DarthMundi wrote:Yea bud I have. The problem is that anti kessen is weak against everything else. High lvl Rebel players just keep Luke and Kessen in their loadout and drop either one depending on base layout. Anti kessen is just meat for luke to beat up.

Luke is always beating his...wait a minute. Well, he did kiss his sister?
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Re: New Johhar Kessen Power

Post#26 » Tue Dec 20, 2016 2:44 pm

I fuckin hate Kessen, hope he dies in a jet fuled fire in hell...

I have 5 Reb bases & played since day one, I don't use this leprechaun troop @all.... His abilities are OP & a cowardly way to play this game. It was another cash grab by DI in my opinion. To get people to actually use the lil bastardized hero. Without his lil sonic shot he would be as worthless as the rest of the Reb heroes. Besides the Farmboy of course!

Each side has its powers & weaknesses. I don't complain when my Max levX base gets smashed by an Imp player who knows what there doing. I don't give a shit how you get the job done, what fuckin heroes you use. However, this Kessen shit... with Medic Droids... I can't imagine logging in to see that shit had pummeled my base.

It's the holidays tho, guess I'm just feeling sentemental & feel sorry for you Impz.

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Re: New Johhar Kessen Power

Post#27 » Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:49 pm

Bobba Fett as imperial hero or his father Jango, as superioir jump trooper with manadalorian shield ,
special ability :pocket death star whole base collapse in revenge if you attacked imperial base with Kessen kissy kissy deadshot
Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
There's still time to change the road you're on.

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Re: New Johhar Kessen Power

Post#28 » Mon Jan 02, 2017 5:11 pm

+1 to EazyWin's comment. There are lots of ways that inter-faction anti-SC strategies are comparable (baiting squads; or using TIE Advanced/A Wings to zap shields then bomb the SC) and equally applicable, even if annoying. This is not one of those situations.

With a great deal of shielding units, yes, arguably an Imperial can keep Kessen alive. Is that equally advantageous when compared to rebel medic droids- units which are already used in abundance? Not by a long shot. Shielding units go down quickly, especially when sonic cannons are in use, yet medic droids typically hang back far enough that they're not in direct line of fire by sonics or rapid fire turrets most of the time. So, a shielding loadout for the Empire which lasts a short amount of time, or a medic loadout for the rebels which typically lasts most, if not all, of the attack? Hardly an even comparison.

With a starship loadout of T5 Deliverances, yes, arguably an Imperial can just keep dropping healer ships on Kessen to keep him alive. Is that equally advantageous when compared to rebel medic droids? Not even close. Those are standard units which rebels always use anyway, cheap and with short build times, right out of their barracks. Instantly, the Empire is spending much more in time (equaling fewer attacks) and/or resources (credits and/or crystals) to try to accomplish the same effect, not to mention being unable to bring enough of other types of ships which a rebel would be able to. Fair? Not even close.

If we believe what devs/support tell us, the Empire's strength is in our mech, and the rebels' strength is in their troops. So, if this is the case, why does the Empire get offered a hero that we cannot heal and which doesn't compliment the type of loadout that *they're steering us to use*?

If they want to make it more fair, swap Kessen out for a comparable Imperial unit (say, an IG88 battle droid) which as the same abilities but can be *healed with repair droids.*

This wouldn't be a perfect solution, since then the Empire would have to use 30 unit spaces for an ATAT (versus 20 for a rebel juggernaut... hm...) which instantly cuts back the rest of the loadout. After all, we can't just drop shields with a heap of medics on our snipers or heavies (and now Gigorans, gee thanks for that, devs).

While I get the rationale for both sides' preferential units and favorite strategies, the Kessen Super Shot throws the whole dynamic out of whack and tilts the whole table towards the rebs. This is especially so with higher level attackers who would probably win anyway, but can sweep (or very nearly sweep) a base with this tactic.

Time and time again I ask support for the statistics on who is using Kessen and who is getting the most benefit from this unit. Time and time again, they won't put up. With just about every other stat available out there, it's almost like they'd rather we not know this.

According to this: ... ar-kessen/
...they don't want to reinforce popular existing strategies, yet Kessen, when combined with snipers or heavies/Gigorans + medics, does exactly that.

The same source indicates that squad center sniping "is not meant to be promoted"- then why the hell is that the most prominent improvement and most abused feature of this unit?!?

As for bases that are great at defending against attacks which *don't* use Kessen, newsflash- this is the hero that I'm being hit with almost to the exclusion of any others at level 10, and I'm trying everything to no good effect. As others have pointed out, what makes a base strong against one kind of attack will make it weak against another. Frankly, I'd rather see a well-executed Luke attack than a cheap shot from Kessen followed by a level 7 strategy like heavies/medics.

As for "join a more active squad," what piece of useless advice is this when the squad center is destroyed before ever being activated?

If there is an real, actual way to slow this absurdity down, the devs should just come out and say it. Vague "change your layout or traps" doesn't cut it.

If any of my fellow Imperials has had some success in their defense, please let me know.
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Re: New Johhar Kessen Power

Post#29 » Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:42 am

Suggestion: Leave kessen as is but make it so all heroes do not get healing or stat boost (or drastically reduced) effects from other troops such as luggas/repairs/medics.

As for my tribe, we do have a few bases that rebels can not seem to 3 star and are not easily snipeable by kessen. They are closely guarded though and I assume they will eventually be figured out

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Re: New Johhar Kessen Power

Post#30 » Fri Jan 06, 2017 8:19 am

Its still intriguing that some people believe Kessen is not OP. My IMP base is max lvl 10 and my base is regularly run through by kessen. The only defenses I have won against kessen are the failed/missed SC attacks. Some ppl talk about using repair droids in SC. That's a great idea if your SC was usable against Kessen. But it's not so there goes that idea. I use to win more defense's but now I rarely do. It's obvious that the devs are not going to fix this issue. So why don't they give you the ability to harden/strengthen your SC like you can your HQ, turrets, depot, etc. Make it so it take's 2 or 3 shots to get your SC. Doing that would cause ppl using kessen to be more strategic. Because if this was in play now I know quite a few kessen attacks would have aggroed my SC prior to a 2nd shot. Since super kessen.... this game has LOST A LOT of its fun factor. I do not play as much (I play about 70% less). I hop on, from time to time, to repair dekas and traps (rarely have to ask for SC fill). I am active with our SW but that's about it. Bad thing is there are several guys in my squad that feel the same way. It sucks to build up your resources knowing that your base will be crushed and a large chuck of your resources will be gone because your defense's won't hold against "The all might" kessen. Have a thought about lvln him up? Absolutely but it still won't change the fact that my base/defenses are a joke against him. It's really sad to see that this is not an issue for disney/devs. SMH.....

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