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Post#11 » Sat Dec 19, 2015 3:25 am

Thanks Toten but I I tried that above and it only resulted in 57% :\

Anyways, I read on other forums that because of some recent updates to aerial strikes it is causing this mission to not complete as intended.

Before the changes, you could target the resource areas with the bombers and then each of the 8 remaining buildings with TIE fighters, which would demolish each building completely resulting in 100% and 3 stars. But now fighters just do like 85% damage to a building at most and the above strategy, which is still pretty good, will only result in 75-80%.

They will probably fix it soon.

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Post#12 » Wed Jan 06, 2016 3:22 pm

Toten wrote:I finally did it!!! 3 STARS!

1 Tie Fighter and 1 Tie Bomber in the middle of the 3 Barracks [destroyed]
2 Tie Fighters in the middle of the bottom 2 buildings [destroyed]
(4) 1 Tie Fighter each in the middle of each of the two Alloy Refineries and Credit Markets (1 Tie Fighter x 2 resource groups x 2 blasts per group) [damaged]
(2) 1 Tie Bomber in the middle of each of the resource groups (aim for the bottom part of where the Credit Vault and Alloy Depot used to be) [destroyed]
3 Tie Bombers in the middle of the Unit Transport and the Starship Command [this would destroy the Unit Transport and slightly damage the Starship Command]
1 Tie Fighter to destroy the Turret in the middle
Last 2 Tie Bombers to finally obliterate the Starship Command.

Copied from another forum.

It took me a dozen tries but it worked great!!! Thanks Toten! :D :D :D

It helped when I zoomed in on the target areas. My aim seemed to be more precise!!! :idea:


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Post#13 » Mon Jan 18, 2016 7:13 pm

When you two beat this, did you have two turrets in the middle section, or one? The description sounds like one, but I have two, one directly to the north west of the command center, and another to the south east, with a space between them. I have tried this strategy but can not get more than 94%.

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