The Iron Hand Walkthrough - 8 Missions List

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The Iron Hand Walkthrough - 8 Missions List

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During your initial protection period, use this guide to plan you missions and upgrades. Since build and upgrade is what slows you down the most in the beginning, you should plan to start the required build or upgrade well before the mission that requires it.

Keep in mind, while barracks and factory buildings are upgrading, they will not be able to built units. Likewise, resources buildings that are upgrading will not accrue credits or resources.

You should aim to complete as many upgrades as possible before your initial protection period expires so you will be in the best position for P2P battles.

This chapter has a "challenge mission", which requires you to complete the level using only provided units. You cannot bring your own units.

[Build Mission]
The Iron Hand I
Alloy is crucial to upgrading your infrastructure. Have at least 3 Alloy Refineries at level 3 in your base to complete this mission.

[Build Mission]
The Iron Hand II
Your units need to be improved to be effective against the enhanced defenses of your opponents. Build a Research Lab to upgrade your units.

[Attack Mission]
The Iron Hand III
Jawas are engaged in widespread unlicensed trade. End their illegal operation by destroying the sandcrawlers for one star, 50% of the base for 2 stars, and the entire base for all 3 stars.

[Build Mission]
The Iron Hand IV
Walls need to be continually upgraded to maximize their effectiveness. Have at least 12 walls at level 3 in your base to complete this mision.

[Attack Mission]
The Iron Hand V
This is your first "Challenge Mission." You only have access to the units provided, and cannot bring units of your own. Use what is provided to achieve total victory!

[Defend Mission]
The Iron Hand VI
Desert scum has launched an attack on your base with old refitted repulsor tanks. Prevent your HQ from being destroyed!

[Build Mission]
The Iron Hand VII
Stronger units and more powerful upgrades require even more credits. Have at least 3 Credit Markets at level 3 in our base to complete this mission.

[Attack Mission]
The Iron Hand VIII
The staging area for the smuggler's tank forces has been found. Destroy the tanks for one star, the mechanic's houses for the second star, and the HQ for the third star.

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